I make essential oil blends because I love to and because it’s my niche.  I create blends with intention and creativity and instinct.  And I intentionally hope to sell them to people who are as passionate about essential oils as I am.  I intend to help and heal mind, body and souls.    It’s also a business and what I unintentionally do sometimes is short myself in the oil and healing / self care department.  What I sometimes say to myself after I’ve expelled a large sum of energy into my business is “No, I can’t afford that, leave that on the shelf in case someone wants to buy it. Don’t use all your energetic work and product on yourself, leave it there to look at and be proud of for a bit.”  This week is not that week.  This week I say to myself  “take the damn oil woman!” You crazy business runnin, homeschoolin, mother of 3! You wear too many hats, as a lot of women I know do, NOT take the oil!” What I truly CANT afford, is to not take the the oil off the shelf, to not use the oil and to not provide self care!   So this week the malachite mala and the Root & Release are going strong in my home.  And this week, I can manage, and this week, I have patience, and this week, I take time to do some yoga and smell my wrists and make eye contact with my kids and laugh at their jokes.  This week, I have momentum and I’m grounded in the moment and I’m releasing old behaviors and patterns and leaving my heart open to accept new and healthy and loving patterns and thoughts. I’m wearing and diffusing in hopes of letting go and letting in and rooting down all at once and hopefully with some grace.  I know this to be true as tears stream down while I write this and when I lay in bed at night.  I know I’m letting some shit go even if I don’t know what that is right now.  And I know I’m making space for whatever the universe has to offer me.  With the badass support of family and friends and community we are growing together as a community and as a family and as individuals, as it should be.  And along the way I feel the gain of momentum in my business. Energetic and monetary exchanges taking place and paying off.  Reaping the benefits of ALL work just when the time is right.  Because what I think I can’t afford to have, to do, to be,  is actually exactly the thing that is calling me.