So literally, what I do. No spiritualism, although much of my inspiration comes from it, real talk, about what exactly I do.  There seems to be some blur around my job, company and business baby, causing me static.  And in the name of complete honesty, it’s causing me to give into my ego here a little, so I’m going to type carefully.  The mind chatter I speak of comes from two aspects.  One is this; I’m it, Lifeco in the flesh and blood.  I don’t have a team nor did I join one, except when we consider human good and well being our team of course.  I have help, don’t get me wrong!  Shout out to my awesome supporters who have donated their energy making products with me, watching kids while I measured bottles and made labels, who’ve patiently waited while I finally finished an order or came out with a new requested product.  Oh I have a team alright!  Just not in the formal, sign up, buy in kind of way.  Side note; I do have believe in and use some of the products I find in businesses created this way.  No shame in that game,  and also it’s not the agreement I made several years ago.  I CREATE custom essential oils blends, creams, salves, etc currently categorized into 5 lines; face, baby, bath & body, medicinal (it’s all medicinal), and seasonal.  So I make, cook, combine, create recipes, package, design and label products.  I am in charge of my website, social media, marketing, inventory, and shipping. I use inspiration both from internal sources and external sources and sometimes by customer desire and need.  I call on my mentoring knowledge that started 7 years ago from a amazing woman before her passing, my intuition and connection with the oil and the process, articles I have read, classes I have taken, and advice I have been given along the way! Changing and working with consistencies, measuring and pricing by the drop, adding products, taking some away, learning which oils only need 5 drops and which need 20, and experimenting when I can!! All the while knowing what works and is enjoyable for one may not be correct for another.   I have delved into so many unknown, and what I consider more exotic oils, the last year and half.  Other products, mainly in the medicinal line, stay the same, because if it ain’t broken!  The OG, staple, every household should have oils, also helps me stay committed to affordability and practicality, non nonsense, except when there is 😉.  

The other aspect is that sometimes I feel A LOT of competition where essential oils are concerned, especially in the last few years!  And then also competition is not quite the correct word.  It’s more of an misunderstanding.  A general concept that an essential oil product is all organic, or all natural, or guaranteed quality.  It’s not! I find myself reading the labels on every “all natural” product and they more often than not contain some sort of binders or fragrance. And that’s cool, and also for me it’s about choice.  it’s about knowing the difference between which products I am buying even when I feel like I am being marketed to in a less direct way.  I pull this thorn out regularly and re-commit to honesty and organic, and to doing my best, with the best affordable AND quality products I have access to.  It’s my passion, all of it.  It’s my calling in this life, it was the gateway to fortunate discovery and that I have been thankfully been energized as a energetic healer in a few different forms. It feels like what I know.  It feels like home.