Essential Oils are broken down into notes, top, middle, and base.  There is a rule of thumb that when creating blends, each blend contain each one.  There is actually a rule about the amounts of each one and it’s a great place to start.  As blending became a favorite oil making craft of mine I started to play around with the amounts of each of one.   Moving from one of each oil, as you can see in my early blends, to a couple even several of certain notes depending on my intentions.

A great way to SMELL essential oil blends, well there are two.  One is deep slow inhale moving past the strong top note, flowing through the middle and starting to gain hints of the base.  Another great way is a couple hard sniffs.  It’s like you can suck the middle and base notes up through the oil this way.  I often am surprised when I smell blends this was MMM, OH, MMM, WHOA is usually what I get with a few strong sniffs.  I encourage you to try both.  ðŸ™‚ 

Diffusing is a great way to gather the whole feel of a blend! It allows the full aroma to come through especially the hidden base!  I usually find people are pleasantly surprised at the difference of a blend in a bottle and a diffuser.  A dab behind the ear and on the wrists will allow you to capture hints of all notes throughout the day as well as interact physiologically with the oil.  Everyone will smell differently wearing the same oil, which you probably already knew! (perfume follows the same rule without all the pureness of course) Even the same person can smell the same oil differently day to day, makes perfect sense. 

  TOP NOTES are the first oils you smell.  They are likely the first aroma drawing you to, or repelling you from an oil.  ALWAYS trust your sense of smell, and your whole self for that matter, except your mind.   Your mind will tell you all kinds of BS to support hidden fallacies and subconsciousness agreements that may not be or may have never been true for you. Your thoughts, I recommend questioning.  Top notes are  are powerful. Coming on quick, hitting strong and then disappearing quickly.  They can easily take over an aroma at first smell.  Top notes include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and grapefruit to name a few. 

MIDDLE NOTES are connectors, the flow of the oil.  They allow you to move through an essential oil blend, top to bottom effortlessly and without confusion or interruption.  MIddles are powerful and often noticeable albeit at a bit slower pace and they last a bit longer.  They include such oils as oregano, geranium, marjoram, black pepper and even roman chamomile and jasmine.  

BASE NOTES, beautiful base notes.  You are the grounding, the root, and commonly derived from the root of the plant itself.  Often earthy, base notes include, sandalwood, cedarwood, ylang ylang, valerian, neroli, rose, helichrysum, frankincense, and myrrh.  Base notes can remain hidden, undetected at the whif of a bottle and then come on intensely strong and surprising while diffusing and wearing.  They come the slowest and last the longest, hours, sometimes even days. They are sort of the slow strong love of the oil while tops are the instant attraction and middles the continuous flow. They are usually very grounding and strengthening.   I often find a strong correlation between a base note and its cost vs top notes.

It seems quite logical that you won’t be searching for and comforted by the same oils day to day.  Trust your instincts and go back to ones you disliked as you inevitably grow and change.  Essential Oil Blends can be powerful mood shifters, offering energy and support.  Your olfactory senses are the most closely connected sense to your brain, don’t underestimate it.  Essential Oils have the ability to permeate your cells within minutes therefore changing their structure and movement and the information they are communicating with other cells.  It would be foolish to underestimate their power as well.