Starter Kit

Starter Kit


This is a great way to get familiar with essential oils or have your most loves ones on hand! Enjoy everyday staples for healing, cleaning, calming, sickness, bug bites, congestion, to name a few.


Some usage ideas to help you get started are….


Lavender: Lavender is one of the mother oils!  Great for so many things and very safe for most everyone!  Especially great for relaxing, calming, sleep, and skin healing.  Diffuse at night, add to a bath, or apply to head and shoulders for relaxing.  Apply directly to skin for bumps bruises cuts, sores bug bites, and especially burns (sun and heat both).  Lavender is a naturally neutral oil meaning it does not heat up or cool down on the skin and can generally be used directly without a carrier.  If in question use a carrier (olive, coconut, grapeseed sunflower, etc).  Because of its relaxing properties it can be used in a pinch for headaches and cough.  (We have more effective specific oil blends for these issues as well)


Peppermint: peppermint is great for repellant, itching bug bites, headaches, nausea, and congestion and cough.  It can be diffused for headache nausea and congestion; it can also be applied directly to head or belly respectively as well as for sore muscles and swollen feet and or joints directly to the affected area and on the chest for cough.  It can be applied directly to the skin for bites.  It is a cooling oil so if in doubt or if you are sensitive apply with a carrier.  Peppermint is recommended not to be used on children under 5.  I have used it sparingly on my kids in the bath and on their chest for cough.  It’s your call.  We have a congested baby line if you are in question about it.  


Oregano: Oregano is the killer oil!  It is highly antiviral and antibacterial. It can be diffused when sick and applied to the bottom of the feet.  Oregano is a very HOT oil so never apply it anywhere on the body (besides the soles of feet) without a carrier oil. Feet are in fact the safest place to apply all oils including in children. Oils don’t have the heating or cooling effect on the bottom of feet (that does not apply if you get it in between your toes lol) Oregano can also be combined with salt with say lavender, peppermint, and lemon and then mixed with warm water to gargle for a sore throat / strep.  1-2 drops of this blend will do!  I will apply it to the lymph nodes around my neck and ears as well when I am sick….with a carrier! I would not expect to apply it this way with children.


Lemon: Lemon oil increases white blood cell and so can used in conjunction with other oils to decrease dis-ease.  It’s great for cleaning the air when used in a diffuser and you can purify / add some taste to your water with oil as well as add it to a little soap and water for countertops. Lemon is also good for oily / acne prone skin.  Apply 1 drop directly as a spot treatment or add to your face wash or moisturizer.  We also make washes and face creams for different skin types.   


Tea Tree: Tea Tree is a great mind / aura / energy cleanser when diffused.  It’s also highly antifungal and is fairly neutral so it can be applied directly to the skin to heal and disinfect.  Some people use tea tree the same as lavender…for everything! It’s great for oily / acne prone skin. For this purpose, use the same as lemon. 


All oils except for oregano (unless you are like me and will use all oils everything) are good and healthy in a cup of tea.  Only takes 1-2 drops! 

Ingredients: *lavender, *peppermint, *oregano, *tea tree, *lemon 5-5ml

Anti- viral, bacterial, microbial, fungal

*indicates an organic ingredient


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