Foot Balm

Foot Balm



Herbal Infused FOOT BALM in cooling peppermint or cleansing tea tree! Disinfect, moisturize, and repair! Contains herbal infusions, butters, waxes, and essential oils  ONLY with the highest regard for what we apply yo our skin. No Fragrance. No Binders, No preservatives (except naturally derived Vit E & Rosemary Antioxidant),  No EVEN any water.  Creating a concentrated formula, that lasts longer and uses less, and is MORE EFFECTIVE in deep moisturization, cleansing, relaxing, calming, cooling, and more!

All while reaping the physiological benefits of aromatherapy. Especially when applied to our feet. We have so many meridian and reflex points.  We also have an abundance of some of the largest pores on our soles.  Applying organic foot balm is a triple + whammy!

Ingredients: *shea butter, *herbal infusion (*EVOO) of calendula, arnica, chamomile, red clover, burdock root, *cocoa butter,*beeswax *rose antioxidant, Vit E, *EO of peppermint OR tea tree 3.75oz

*indicates an organic ingredient


Tea Tree, Peppermint


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