Congested Baby Balm

Congested Baby Balm



Congested Baby Balm


For babies 2 months – 5 years.

This chest & foot rub is great symptom relief for Baby’s cough, cold & congestion! Can be used as a preventative or remedial care and is perfect for gentle massage. Enjoy the health benefits of organic essential oils in a safe carrier crafted specifically for young skin.


  • Reduces coughing
  • Opens up sinus congestion
  • Relieves stuffy nose
  • Loosens chest congestion for easier breathing
  • Loosens phlegm for more productive coughs
  • Speeds healing, shortening length of dis-ease
  • Relaxes baby when fussy and unable to sleep from being sick
  • Prevents dis-ease when used during wellness
  • Boosts immune system


You can safely apply balm to bottoms of feet and cover with socks. Generally safe to use on back, chest and neck as needed. If you’ve not used this product on your child’s skin previously, we recommend doing a test application firstbefore applying to areas other than bottoms of feet.

  • Remedial: I recommend both Congested Baby Blend AND Congested Baby Balm several times a day if using as a treatment. They are sold together as a set here!
  • Prevention: I recommend applying a few times a week for prevention, relaxation, and excellent moisture too!
  • Older Kids: If you’ve done patch testing or determined they are not sensitive to essential oil medicine in general, you can apply around the temple and base of the skull too!
  • Massage:  If you’re looking for essential-oil-free moisture / massage balm try our Plain Baby Balm, or help relaxing baby, check out our Sleepy Baby Balm! Applying LifeCo’s balm provides an opportunity to bond and touch / massage baby, which can increase the immune system response! If you massage the feet you’re sure to be touching some reflex points. Focus especially on the arch working in toward the ankle, and the pads of toes and across the pad right below the toes. You’ll want to do this very gently as you gage Baby’s reaction to the pressure. When applying to the back you always want to massage up toward the heart, gently focusing on the space either side of the spine. Again, gently.

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, *Beeswax, *Congested Baby Blend (our proprietary organic essential oil blend of *Eucalyptus, *Lavender, *Rosemary, & *Tea Tree) 

*Organic Ingredient


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