Cold Pain Rub

Cold Pain Rub



A cooling essential oil blend in the form of a rub. Contains concentrated amounts of the essential oil blend Cold Pain Oil, in a rub form.  Better for larger areas, frequent application in the same area, and/ or sensitive areas.  Simply spread this herbal and essential oil infused balm onto your affected areas as needed for present relief as well as benefiting the root issue!

Add a cold compress to intensify its cooling effect. We’ve added a chamomile herbal infusion to the base of this rub to strengthen its’ many capabilities to soothe!

  • headaches, migraine
  • inflammation & pain of muscles, joints, injury, arthritic conditions, tendonitis, fatigue, soreness, stiffness
  • restless legs
  • post workout
  • nausea / carsick
  • digestive stimulant
  • improved memory, focus ⇒ (see also Drishti Max)
  • minor congestion / sinus   ⇒  (see also 3C’s Blend)
  • mild allergies   ⇒   (see also allergy blend)


Ingredients:  *Chamomile Infusion (*evoo), *Beeswax, *Cold Pain Proprietary Blend 3.75oz

*indicates an organic ingredient


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