Cold Pain Oil

Cold Pain Oil



This is an organic essential oil blend created for for cooling relief.  It’s sold in a convenient roll on blend with many uses such as headache, migraine, stomachache, etc.) Simply roll directly onto affected areas as needed. (ex. for headache roll on temples, back of neck, and scalp; for tummy ache roll around the belly button)  This IS a straight oil blend, it contains NO Carrier! If using on children or sensitive people or areas, you should layer it with a carrier oil. Irritation can occur normally with repetitive use on the same area.  Avoid direct contact with eyes. For deeper penetrating, and more intense cooling, cover the treated area with a cool compress. This product is available in a rub to cover larger areas or for regular use without the risk of irritation,. The rub is a balm consistency, so if using for say headaches, the straight roll on would be more convenient than a balm…in and around your hair.  Order and use accordingly.

Best Seller
headaches, migraines
restless legs / knees
joint pain
cold sore in a pinch (we offer Cold Sore Blaster for this as well)
arthritis-related pain and inflammation
pain reliever / analgesic / antiseptic
recent injuries
congestion – in a pinch (also try our 3C’s blend)
focus (also try DRISHTI MAX blend for this purpose)


Ingredients: *EO’s of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, rosemary 9ML

* indicates organic ingredient


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