Arnicomfrey Salve

Arnicomfrey Salve



This is a concentrated spin-off of the green salve. Focusing on ligaments and bones using arnica and what’s known as the “bone herb”, comfrey. Apply to the affected area as needed for symptom relief as well as root causes with prolonged use. We like to layer this the warm and/or cold pain roll ons!

bone and / or ligament injury
sprains, breaks, twisted, & jammed – ankles, toes, arms, fingers, etc.
sore tight muscles
after workouts
aches & pains
Anti- viral, bacterial, microbial, fungal

Ingredients: *herbal infusion (*EVOO) of arnica, comfrey, *beeswax, *rosemary antioxidant 1oz

*indicates an organic ingredient


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