3C’s Oregano Roll On

3C’s Oregano Roll On

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This is a organic oregano oil (with a carrier to be safe) in a roll on for convenient application. You can simply roll some onto the  soles of your feet and cover with socks to assist your body’s immune system in prevention of viral and bacterial infections. Safe for the whole fam when used this way.  Roll on several times a day this way,  as well as up and down along the spine to treat an already occurring  infection. Our oregano is diluted with sunflower because it is a very hot oil, as in irritating to the epidermis and especially sensitive areas such as face, eyes, etc.  If needed, to ease itchiness when applied to the spine (or accidentally transferred to other body parts) cover with 3C’s chest rub. Which also serves as extra symptom relief.  You can also actually roll this oil on your throat and lymph nodes there to ease sore throat and assist in your body’s natural defenses.  This definitely should be covered with 3C’s chest rub and is only safe in this way for older children and adults.

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highly antibacterial
highly antiviral
immune stimulating

Ingredients: *EO’s of oregano, *sunflower oil 9ml

*indicates an organic ingredient

1 review for 3C’s Oregano Roll On

  1. 5 out of 5

    Use on bottom of my feet every day before I put my socks on, can’t remember the last time I’ve been sick! Excellent for diffusing too!

    Jean Kimmel
    Jean Kimmel
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