3C’S products relieve symptoms of COUGH, COLD & CONGESTION, and shorten the duration of viral and bacterial infections. They are staples for every medicine cabinet!  3C’s Products are available individually as well as together in a THREE Piece Combo Set at a discount. See below for details.

Synergistic Effects

These 3 products are individual powerhouses! When used together, they provide synergistic immune support, incredible symptom relief and amazing benefits. They are ALL best sellers for good reason. Not only do you receive the healing, soothing properties of these preparations, you also receive the deep and wide benefits of every drop of every individual essential oil used in each one.

Individual Response

Any remedy, natural or otherwise, will produce different responses in different people. There are many things that cause this. Knowing and watching yourself and the others you are treating goes a long way in understanding and customizing prevention and treatment applications to get the best overall result. Some people need more, some people need less. Some people need less application amounts but applied more frequently. Some people just need less all around. And some people need application very frequently. Everyone is different.

When we were figuring this out for my family, my 2 year old was fine with it but my 7 year old got a bloody nose if I ran the 3C’s Blend in the diffuser every night. It’s too drying for her in that way. We found 2x a week worked better for her.

We also have the gentler, Congested Baby Line.  

Thoughts About Intentionality

When working with plant medicine, specifically essential oils in this case, I find that we have to be diligent, intentional and committed to healing. This is true whether we are caring for ourselves or caring for others.

It’s not as mindless as taking a pill a day and forgetting about it. It takes more presence than that. But the outcome is always worth the effort. We learn and grow. We become healthier and function in a higher overall state of wellness.

As a preventative, we can tune in and understand the symptoms of our habits and environmental changes. We can be mindful of  exposures (including frequencies), as they arise in small ways, and start a daily regimen based on how we respond to those exposures. 

We can also trust that every daily ritual of application without thought and intentionality is still assisting in the prevention of sickness and the related symptoms we experience with viral and bacterial infections. 

And even as we learn to gauge the health homeostasis of self and others, we will still get sick. We are human 🙂 and it’s all a practice. We also learn we can’t control the will of others, even those under our care.

Listening To Your Body

Meditation is one way to check in with your body and health.

Awareness of your daily health goes a long way in prevention. Notice early symptoms when your immune system is working to get you attention. Things like dryness, thirst, breakouts, sweating, sore lymph, cravings (especially sweet for me), and sore spots on corresponding reflex areas on the soles of your feet can all be indicators of immune imbalance. You may have specific indicators not in this list. No matter what they are, we definitely all have them! Paying attention to your body will help you figure these out.

More developed symptoms are scratchy throat and stuffy or runny nose. These require a heavier regimen. 

3C’s Products:

Oregano Oil Roller:

Regimen: (when 1st noticeable symptoms arise) 

  • Begin using the oregano roller 3x per day, applying to the soles of your feet and covering with socks.
  • If you are a consenting adult who is aware of the heating properties of oregano oil (ours is safely cut with organic safflower oil and still might be warming to some), you can apply this roll on by tracing the lymph system around your ears and down your neck and throat, especially if sore throat is a symptom. 
    • If you are not sure how your skin might react, cover this application with the 3C’s Balm. Or skip the roll on all together in this way and just use the balm over the lymph areas and throat! 
  • For a heavier regimen for adults, when symptoms are loud and clear (or you have a date in 2 nights!) you can apply this roll on up and down each side of spine 1-2x per day.  I recommend covering /layering this with the 3C’s Balm. 
  • DO NOT GET IN THE SHOWER within an hour or so of applications to areas other than the feet with the 3C’s Oregano roll on.


  • Roll on soles of feet 1x daily and cover with socks until oil is absorbed.  Easy times to do this are when you get dressed in the morning, at night before bed or when you get home from your day. 
  • Safe for children 5 and up 1x per day or a few times per week as a general prevention. I have used this on my babies since they were about 2 months old.  You have to be aware of who you are treating and their response!

3C’s Blend: 

This blend can help to shorten duration and relieve symptoms by easing cough, assisting in “productive’ cough by loosening congestion (expectorant), easing sore throat, stimulating white blood cells, boosting immunity, and killing germs.

Regimen (1st symptoms) 

  • Diffuser: Diffuse nightly  in your room where you sleep. Diffuse in your office if that’s possible. Diffuse in your living spaces, everyone benefits!
  • Direct Inhalation: place 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand and inhale. Clears sinus pressure, cold congestion and eases your breathing. Bonus, you are sanitizing your hands!
    • Direct inhalation is not safe for babies.  Use a diffuser with our Congested Baby line for children under 5.  Again, use your own judgement and trust your instinct.  
  • Gargling: Known to cause HUGE relief of sore throat and congestion.  Add 1-2 (max) drops to a teaspoon of salt, add warm water, stir and gargle several times.
  • Warm Bath:Add 7-10 drops of this blend to a cup of sea salt and add to a warm bath and soak. Close the door and inhale deeply to let the treated steam in to assist you. I personally bathed my children in this.  It does contain peppermint so if you are unsure use congested baby line for children under 5. 
  • Direct Application: Apply to the throat and neck and cover with 3C’s Chest Rub to avoid any discomfort.
  • Neti Pot: Mix 1-2 (max) drops into salt and dissolve the salt into water as you normally would. I recommend not more than 1-3x per week, pay attention to your response and adjust as needed. You can definitely over-dry your sinus. 


  • Diffuse, bathe, gargle, etc 1-3 per week during cold and flu seasons or when you know you have been exposed to such sugars, viruses, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration and other risk factors for sickness. 

3C’s Rub:

This is our 3C’s Blend in a skin-safe and convenient rub that’s easy to spread for effective symptom relief. 


Apply to the soles of your feet, chest, back, neck and throat 3-5x per day. You can also rub a little under your nose and around your sinuses and forehead.

An Ounce of Prevention

That old saying, it is so true! “An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure”. Whether you are preventing illness or treating illness, 3C’s and LifeCo Oils have got you covered. Let us know what questions you have and how we can help! We are here for you.

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