Warm Pain Products come in two forms: a roll on OIL and a balmy RUB.

They are formulated to ease pain and discomfort and encourage healing!

Our Formula Includes:

  • Wintergreen – for warming deep down in the bones
  • Clove – for numbing pain and reducing infection, specifically throat, sinus and lung infections
  • Lemongrass – for improving circulation among many other benefits. Improving circulation allows oxygen rich blood to better flood stagnant areas of pain or infection.

The warming proprietary blend of these essential oils is intended to increase circulation and bring comfort.

Use where you would apply warm therapy, like a heat pack. You can apply a warm compress to the area to enhance and deepen the healing effects and the warming effects of this blend. You can also stir 5-7 drops of the oil into 2 cups sea salt for a warm bath soak, great for sore muscle recovery and full body aches!

Typically, this is a product people come to once they already have pain and or infections. In this situation I recommend using 2-3x per day. Once improvement is noticed or after a week, apply more as maintenance. Older injuries like scar tissue may require more consistent treatment in addition to treatments such as gua sha, massage and reflexology.

Use for symptoms of discomfort such as: cramps, arthritis, inflammation, muscle tightness, muscle soreness, overuse of muscles, scar tissue, neck, spine, shoulder pain, earache, etc. I’ve seen this blend work overnight for earaches! And I can personally vouch for how much looser and better my back feels when I apply before sleep. 

Warm Pain Roll On

Warm Pain Roll On is properly diluted with a carrier oil to safely apply as needed, directly to the problem area. Examples:

  • For cramps, roll on to the abdomen.
  • For earache, roll behind the ears, down the neck, and around the inner – outer ear.
    • DO NOT put in the ear canal.
  • For toothache you can apply 1-2 drops with a dropper a few times a day. 
  • For acupressure and meridian points:
    • In this case, it’s two fold. You are applying to meridian areas carrying the healing effects of essential oil throughout the appropriate systems or meridians and you are applying directly to the site.

Use a carrier for further dilution comfort if necessary. Some skin may become irritated with frequent applications of the warm oil, even though safely diluted. If it comes in contact with eyes, add extra carrier oil to the area (like olive oil or sunflower oil). Water makes oils hotter! 

Warm Pain Rub

Warm Pain Rub contains the same powerful oils as the roll on, and is designed for larger areas or extra sensitive skin. The base of the rub is infused with chamomile to provide added soothing and healing benefits!

Per usual, our balms never contain any water, binders, or chemical preservatives, lengthening shelf life and providing a more concentrated formula.

Use For:

  • Pain Relief
    • Muscle, Bone & Joint Aches & Pains
    • Tight, Sore & Stiff Muscles
    • Cramps (general muscular and those associated with PMS & menstruation)
    • Inflammation
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Nerve Pain
    • Toothache
    • Ear Ache (supports healing, clearing channels -lymph & meridians, disinfectant)
    • Arthritis, Rheumatism
    • Recent Injuries (breaks, tears, over stretching, scar tissue from old injury)
    • Symptoms and pain associated with of musculoskeletal disorders
    • Sore Throat in a pinch (we offer the 3C’s line better suited for this)
  • Regenerate Tissue and Ligaments
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Varicose Veins
  • Promotes Flow of Lymph (increasing body’s  natural healing and cleansing abilities)
  • Supports Recovery of Urinary tract infections
    • apply to abdomen and low back with warm pack  
  • Parasites
  • Fluid Build Up
  • Supports Repair of Injury & Regeneration of  Tissue
    • to to muscles bones & ligaments

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