Our Story

About LifeCo

“I’m letting go and then building some more, I’m building a business and a life and legacy, and I’m calling it Lifeco.”

Caschelle Smith,
Founder of LifeCo
Custom Essential Oils

My journey with Essential Oils began in 2009. I broke my wrist and when my cast came off I needed help to get it moving again. I owned a hair salon in Shelbyville, Missouri, and a client told me to go see Dianne, a local woman known for her healing gifts. She introduced me to essential oils, welcomed me and my grandparents into her home and life, and we were forever changed.

With Dianne’s help, my wrist healed completely! She also gave body treatments to my grandma that allowed her more mobility than she’d had in years. My grandparents spent countless healing hours at her house and I would go along to visit and watch. I was curious at first, but that soon turned to endless questions and a need to learn. My grandma bought my first essential oil desk reference book from her, Dianne’s personal book. To this day it’s my favorite book.

Dianne passed away before I was to officially mentor under her. I mourned the loss of my friend and teacher, and as I continued mixing and making concoctions for my family and friends, I realized I was being mentored by her all along! I knew someone needed to carry on Dianne’s mission, providing the community with oils, and healing, and advice, and I knew that someone was me.

I signed up for classes and studied everything I could remember Diane mentioning. Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Holistic Nutrition, and Aromatherapy. I practiced on willing clients and friends, growing in confidence. When the universe confirmed the time was right, I officially launched an offering of oils and massages at my beauty salon.

I always give credit for any information and oil blend I learned from Dianne. I’m also proud to say the universe blessed me with an innate knowledge for making organic essential oil blends and cosmetics by my own right. Learning to trust myself has been an important part of my journey. What I’m drawn to, what I love, what feels like home, and what I seem to know as a feeling, that my book later corroborates, is oils. I don’t know if I choose them, or they choose me, or both, or if it even matters. But certainly when I’m still, as I’m continuously learning to be, the “correct oil” always reveals itself.

I’ve since moved to Northwest Arkansas, achieved Reiki Master and 200 Hour Vinyasa Power Yoga Instructor certifications, and have a thriving practice at a funky collective called The Human Experience. The more I trust and delve in, the more local and universal opportunities show themselves. My modalities ebb and flow into the oils. And the oils ebb and flow into my modalities. 

I’m building a business, and a life, and legacy, and I’m calling it Life Company Oils. Because Life…“there’s an oil for that”. It’s a beautiful blend that blesses me daily, and I’m so thankful to share it with you.