It all started…..well geez who knows, hundreds of years maybe.   My story will start onnn…Saturday, for all story time purposes.  Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to join my teacher’s teacher, Reiki Master Bonnie O’Boyle, in a reiki attunement session.  Group setting, universal agreements, spirit guides, divine partnerships, all of it! My 2nd attunement to reiki level uno.  It was as powerful as the first and totally different and it has been with that powerful momentum that the last two days (or has it been 3)  that my reiki daydream have occurred.  

Sunday, we went to an Indian Casino where I was met with a life size display of my meditative visions of Native American spirit guides. DEAD SERIOUS!  Despite my beautiful good friends and fiance’s lack of reaction I was blown away by the Universal “nudge” (and I use the word lightly because it was more like a gentle loving BA BAM in the face) of confirmation to what my ego mind was still insisting upon questioning.  What I had seen that day before during a guided mediation was very much existent! 

Monday my friend tells me how the bugs in our gross, overused, under-cleaned bathroom, are not in fact water bugs but good ol cockroaches! I know I’m grossed out too.  I agree I need to call a bug guy and leave to pick my daughter up from gymnastics.  Per usual traffic, I sit at a red light at the corner of Mac-A-Doodles and Walmart, AR and let a truck move in from parking lot to road pavement.  As he or she waves big with a great big goofy smile, I meet eyes behind their glasses and (they, because I’m drowning in the smile and the eye contact and don’t know male of female) what do you know!! It’s a pest control truck!!  With their number on the tailgate!! Age old story here, girl sees bugs, girls runs into pest control in traffic, girl gets bugs sprayed…and for a hell a price too!! If you need a number reach out! 😉 Monday night I reluctantly go to a bikram inspired yoga class and reiki myself through the whole thing! It’s probably the most delicious class I’ve ever had and I leave high for sure! Thinking I will sleep like a baby, I was inspired by one synchronicity after another to NOT turn on the tv, to NOT check my phone! But instead, to go to bed, dark, cold, and early! To my surprise, but not demise, I don’t sleep well and feel amazing in the a.m.!  So Monday’s note to self don’t conjure so much energy through the evening.

Cut to Tuesday, at the dentist, right after a session with my trainer which was full of sharing similar spiritual experiences…with my trainer, right! Who’m I’ve met thrice, mmhmm thrice!   Okay, so cut to Tuesday at the dentist when thank you wonderful dental assistant with the contagious laugh for mentioning it may be the longest day of the year!  Thank you to one of my daughters who I vaguely remember mentioning something about summer, thank you Science book for having seasons in it, and thank you past self for skimming it last week to see what 2nd grade and Kindergarten content you held.  I’m one thank you away from an Alanis song here.  

Did I mention my first time ever super powers at the dentist? Couldn’t get numb…finally did, struggled gagging, then started in with self reiki while wishing I could get some laughing gas, fell asleep, and the woke up, are you ready for this? Woke up…asking weird questions feeling weird and goody.  That’s right, I gassed myself!! Insert huge eye emoji here! 

So Science, a subject a week ago, I ease-fully allowed myself to re-commit to doing more of,  rather than beat myself up for not having done enough of.   And here lay the opportunities in my lap.  No searching, no struggling, just opportunistic science.   Afterwards,  when my girls asked for an evening, after supper, after bedtime, totally out of the question swim I was able to say YES.  At this point I have been self- reiking all day! Drawing the symbol and breathing it in, saying the words and sending it through myself and getting a buzz each time.  Yes I said MYSELF! Self healing, self energizing, self care, WHAAAA?  In the midst of my everyday giving and usually feeling drained I had the energy and positive attitude to say YES! YES, it’s solstice and I’m all reiki-ed up,  let’s do this!….in record time! Cleaning up supper, changing, packing; I’m talking milk drinks in a small cooler and jammies as dry clothes, prepared for a swift bedtime like a boss!  Who knew Amelia can load a dishwasher and Sof can put away leftovers and wipe the counter right?!  There’s no unseeing their handy work tonight! mmmwaaahahaah! We spent one beautiful hour at the pool, with only minor meltdowns (I’m still human here) and the whole time I think I must be dreaming.  I’m sure as hell floating! 

How have the past 3 days been so blissful, mostly.  How have they been soooo, spot on.  .  Where has my renewed energy and genuine happiness come from? Perfect timing never carried such a load.  Presence in MOST moments, over and over.  True connection with all in  minor everyday moments with total strangers, although is anyone a stranger really?!  Universal energy revealing itself to me in a whole new light, literally.  Parts of self now ripened and ready to accept and see and practice and be.  Love, patience, flow, acceptance, feeling the dark and feeling the light both as deeply as its opposite.  This is my reiki day dream, THIS is my anti-depressant, my anti anxiety, my sorting of which feelings and thoughts are mine and which are those I feel of the person next to me, across from me, imprinted on me from another time even.  This is a glimpse of my higher self, may it go on and on.  So here’s to you Universe, thanks for waiting patiently as I stubbornly grew and clutched old habits and then being right here in each and every moment that I am ready to let you in! Call it God, Call it Energy, Universe, call it what you want! JUST CALL IT!