Essential elements to human daily life. Understanding the flow of Earth and Sun energy can allow us a better understanding to work with our own energy flow.

One of the first images taken by the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter during its first close pass at the sun in 2020.
(Image credit: Solar Orbiter/EUI Team/ ESA & NASA; CSL, IAS, MPS, PMOD/WRC, ROB, UCL/MSSL)

Think of Earth and Sun as the largest possible physical representation of feminine and masculine energies.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with male and female genders. This is ONLY about masculine and feminine ENERGIES (every gender is a container of BOTH energies).

Father Time, the masculine, the yang, is the fiery sun. Resolute in structure, stable in the universe, holding Earth steady and safely within its’ container of gravity. “Home” for Earth. The container that MARKS time as we know it.

Mother Earth, the feminine, the yin, is the birther of all living things. The container that holds all of life safely within the larger container of the sun. “Home” for those she births. She flows safely within the container of the Sun, providing rest for her residents / children as she rotates, providing creativity when she is studied or asked or cherished. The container that EXPRESSES time as we know it: days and seasons determined by rotations. She cycles, lives, grows, and dies / hibernates within these days and seasons.

One by itself does not possess the full spectrum of energy required to nurture and grow things.

Life requires both forms of energy.

By nature they are very different and separate, yet also of the same container, co-dependent. Both are essential: “Mother” (feminine) AND “Father” (masculine) ENERGIES.

As humans, it is much harder to detect and identify roles. It’s harder to discern divine masucline and divine feminine from misaligned roles filled out of necessity and convoluted over time. However, at the core, I think this is such a simple explanation of masculine and feminine energies. Possibly the most understandable / tangible explanation that I have had the privilege of downloading. It really is this simple. Or at least, it can be if the programming and conditioning of modern “norms”, standards, egos, expectations, hierarchy, etc., are THROWN OUT THE WINDOW and never allowed back in. 

What I really think…

(after witnessing firsthand some natural tendencies and resistances surrounding “roles” in my own home) is that the “fathers”, the masculine energies, are designed to be intentionally involved in raising our children, WHEN operating out of a DIVINE masculine space (that’s another post!). Raising children requires structure, routine, stability and constant planning of meals, schedules, etc. Feminine energies need masculine energies to lead the way, to make decisions for the best and highest good of the container. This leading clears the path for the (when operating out of divine energy) to flow, to nurture, to facilitate a growing environment and do all the things that she is designed by nature to do.

Understanding the energy flow of Earth and Sun helps us align our divine energies and flow naturally. They both show up for each other like clockwork, never failing, consistent and reliable, co-existing energies of the same container!

We have so much to learn from them.