Ok, so most of you are probably familiar with the essential oils blends that you often enjoy in your diffuser.  AND, did you know just how powerful organic high quality blends can be and how they might be developed or the true depth of healing they can provide?

Blends typically have a “balanced ” ratio of top, middle and base notes.  By balanced I do not mean equal.  Allow me to explain. We aim to treat the whole.  The mind, the spirit, the body.  Or spiritual, emotional, and physical.  Balanced blends of varying notes are a great way to access healing in all arenas of self!  It is also because of the very nature of each top, middle, and base note individually that we can use all 3 to create wholeness.  Homeostasis if you will.  This is not to discount the powerful and specific focus capabilities of single oils for specific treatments / intentions.  But for today, we shall retain our focus on blends.

Top notes are oils usually made of leaves and flowers.  They are the most volatile or prone to changing chemical composition over time and / or evaporation.  They are fast acting and most likely the first aroma you will pick up on when smelling a blend.  This is important to remember because it means that over time or diffusion of that same aroma will present differently to your sense of smell. Now, because they are fast acting, they also dissipate quickly. Leavening into the middle notes, or the bridge. We’ll get there in a minute. Because of their initial punch and fast acting qualities they are often first to stimulate the limbic system.  Making them great for stimulation or enlivening, increasing focus, improving memory function, and reducing depression and anxiety.  They are great for affecting acute symptoms.  Some top notes you may be familiar with are lavender, peppermint, tea tree, basil, orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, eucalyptus, rosemary, and grapefruit. 

Middle notes, or the bridge, can sometimes be referred to as the body of the oil.  They often emerge after tops start to soften and then “lead”  to the base.  They are often great for balance.  Balancing the blend as well as balancing overall health (such as hormones) and major body systems (such as the lymph system).  They are said to support and enhance the mind – body connection.  Therefore, having the capabilities to affect the metaphysical culprit behind many physical manifestations of dis-ease.  For instance, stiff joints could point to inflexibility, grief may cause back or hip pain etc etc.  So you see how simply diffusing blends because we enjoy the aroma, has this seemingly unlimited possibility of physiological benefits! Some familiar base notes may be geranium, juniper berry, ylang ylang, jasmine, clove, and  lemongrass.  It’s important to note throughout that some sources / practitioners may consider some differences in the categorization of certain oils. 

Ah base notes, some of my favorites, are often made of roots and bark.  Typically making them quite a bit more expensive than other essential oils and / or causing them to be derived as  absolutes. Base notes, my friends, are grounding, stabilizing, and meditative. They may often be the last thing you smell right out of the bottle, if at all, as they can remain undetected until diffusion or slowly arise over time and then last for days when worn. Often derived from sources possessing large and powerful root systems / connections with the earth, base notes are great for emotions that may make us want to “flee” our body; nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, erratic behavior etc.  The particular qualities of base notes naturally lend themselves to affecting deep rooted chronic dis-ease, cellular programming, deep seated unconscious traumas, and suppression of such emotions as angers, fears, and rejections,etc.  For this reason, amongst many, I almost always combine reiki sessions with a particular blend for that client.  Also due to their powerful nature and more expensive price point, minimal amounts of base notes are required in blends.  It certainly can noticeably impact the cost of a blend.  Something to think about when purchasing.   Examples of some base notes you may be familiar with are sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood, neroli,. Myrrh, frankincense, helichrysum, vanilla, vetiver, and valerian. 

All Essential Oils are antiviral, anti bacterial, anti microbial, and antifungal. Attaching to and cleansing the molecular structure of the air you breathe as well as utilizing your olfactory sense to affect your whole body system when diffusing (or wearing) a well balanced blend.  

We promise our quality essential oils blends are balanced, powerful, potent, and as always, infused with universal energy!