Let me tell you about these face balms.  

These face balms are really the first stand alone product ever experimented with.  Other products I “launched”,   were at least somewhat handed down to me by my divine aromatherapy mentor.  The warm pain oil, cold pain oil, and to some degree the green salve, all had been laid out for me in general terms over the last couple of years (at that time).  But… I owned a hair salon when she passed and I totally set out on my own, and face balms made a quick entrance that just made sense.  I was afterall, in the beauty industry.  Since, I have unsubscribed to about a million conditionings including “anti aging” and renamed this balm to ultra nourishing.  Life is all about perception, after all.  

At this time I’d say I was creating and concocting with beeswax and either olive oil or coconut oil. Probably coconut oil back then.  Up until I realized it’s not very compatible with my skin as it’s a heating oil.  I had really overestimated the healing power of a much more neutral oil like olive.  Besides, I think this may have been the coconut oil boom in the US? LOL Around 9 to 11 years ago (2009-2012) didn’t we all (in small towns at least) start to become very aware of the essential oil industry and the multifaceted uses of COCONUT OIL.  I remember a meme about it in fact…to be shared later.  So, beeswax, coconut oil, and water.  WATER (ew now lol), because with a blender it made the face cream (yes cream at that time) whipped! Also, all was experimental.  To say that experimenting with different facets of a product’s effectiveness, texture, shelf life, etc  is expensive to say the least.  But, SOMEHOW, it bound together! Now, beeswax isn’t technically a binder, but in this case it was enough.  It stuck! And out it went into the world (i.e. my family and friends) in unlabeled white plastic jars.  At some point I finally upgraded to return mail labels I designed myself featuring the name of my biz and a blank area where I could write the name of the product. 🙂  This face balm was good.  I mean, it couldn’t NOT really be good.  It was a little oily and I assume kind of watery, but it still contained high quality organic ingredients.  It was still valuable and effective and most importantly, I believed in it! So they sold.  People liked them.  Mostly.  Like I said they were a little oily and I eventually started telling people to use them as night creams.  But they worked and I also gave a no-brones speech (still do) about holistic care not being done out of convenience. 

Cut to a few years later and we had moved to AR and I had taken a year off from work, to adjust to staying at home, a new city, and new baby.  Eventually, I grew ready to share my passion and gift again.  But this time, the beeswax didn’t work as a binder.  The hotter temps, the higher humidity? Literally 6 hours south ruined my face cream.  Except, that it didn’t really at all!  It pushed it into several upgrades.  I started researching binders with the capability to hold the product together.  And what I found was that ALL binders were chemical.  And If that wasn’t disappointing enough it would require further chemical intrusion of preservatives because the separation, humidity etc was causing them to mold…so FAST!

I was trying to start back up with a 6 month old (and 3 & 5yo) , launch online, rebrand, relabel etc and one of my original creations was failing.  Then it dawned on me! JUST REMOVE THE WATER! No water, no separation, no binder, no preservatives (other than natural), no chemicals!  In fact, it meant LONGER Shelf life, and a MORE highly concentrated product, therefore requiring less per use.  It was simply genius lol! I removed the water and voila, face creams were back,  But, they were still “greasy”.  Not like clog your pores greasy because high quality carrier oils won’t do that.  But still very greasy, night time use creams.

 Enter my friend Staci of Intuitive Infusions who introduced me to butters!!! Cocoa butter, mango butter, shea! The perfect solution.  It thickened the now being called BALMS.  Thereby making it EVEN more concentrated and fixing this 8 year disappointment of not reaching face balm potential in absorption and texture!  Not only did she show me butters, but I also started outsourcing herbal infusion bases to her! With much more expertise in herbs than I, she created personalized recipes for the base / carrier oil of each balm! For instance, rather than just using grapeseed in the clearing or avocado in the calming, each one was made with a specially created recipe of olive oil (again underrated) and an herbal blend infusion!  Not just carriers alone!  Soaking dried herbs in an EVOO so to absorb their goodness into the oil and then straining out the herbs.  BOOM, now you have “flavored” olive oil also known as an infusion! 

Incredible!!!! Since, Staci’s and my journey’s have made space between us, and I do the infusions myself. But WOW, what an upgrade(s). 

Today, you can find all three blends available, with personalized infusion bases, personalized essential oil (upgraded and honed in on by yours truly over the years), all natural preservatives, concentrated and water free, packaged in glass jars, and shelved with beautifully designed and printed labels!  Labels, a whole other blog experience. ….

And that’s it, loves! This is the journey of a product near and dear to my heart, that I truly value VERY highly and relish in sharing!  It’s not my job to convince people of how incredible this balm is.  As a projector though (by human design) it IS my job to inform.  So here’s to informing the people about just HOW incredible (and why) I deem Life Company Oils face balms to be! 

Good Day Mates!