I have an amazing yoga practice at a funky collective in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My current teaching approach is a lot different than four years ago when I was teaching yoga in the studio pictured above.

At that time my students were experiencing yoga because that’s what I trained to do… teach yoga. I hadn’t honed the communication skills that I now have to ask, listen, and intuit. Teaching yoga was the goal, and I was doing it. Except I wasn’t living “in-the-moment”, so maybe neither were my students. It was a start.

I believe everything happens the way it’s supposed to, because everything always does. The wisdom I’ve gained from those I’ve taught is deep and wide. As a collective, we all experienced what we needed from those classes at that time, and for that I’m so thankful.

I’ve since become a Reiki Master, and I’ve learned the REASON I struggled with focus in my previous yoga practice. The flow of feminine energy during a yoga session is luring for sure. Feminine energy creates that moving warm glow, but also distracts attention from structure. Structure is supported by masculine energy and requires great focus. (Read more about feminine and masculine energy in yoga here). Balancing the feminine and masculine energy at work during yoga is just one of the things I’ve incorporated in my intuitive yoga classes as a result of Reiki training. 

I become a vessel when I’m teaching yoga now. A conduit. A delivery system to students, leading and guiding.  I receive new downloads in real time during sessions, and previously stored intuitive information becomes language. It all works together for an incredible Reiki / intuitive yoga experience, one that I am fully present for and so are my students! This is the beautiful combination of my life experiences, directing yoga flow and structure, and the path of non-judgement. Now my students experience yoga combined with all of this energy flow. It’s still yoga. And it’s so much more.

I enjoyed a full year of teaching intuitive yoga before Covid-19 and the shut downs, and here we are almost a year later. Life is returning to “normal”, and as Celin Dion says, “It’s all coming back to me now”. I’m settling back into the practice of teaching a practice. As always, right now is the right time. I show up every day “in the moment”, with newness, remembrance, and more unity of my soul and its natural state. I couldn’t ask for a better role in this life than to share that balance with others.

Are you looking for a more intuitive yoga experience? Join me for an Intuitive Yoga Class at The Human Experience in Fayetteville, Arkansas.