This is where I was teaching 4 years ago.  I don’t know if I was good or bad or what people were experiencing.  I hadn’t honed the communication skills that I now have to ask, listen, and intuit. I know I was attached to teaching.  I had done the training to teach.  In fact, before I moved to NWA, my fam aksed, “What will you do there?” And I said, “ I don’t know, I guess maybe teach yoga.” And so I did!  I guess I thought I had to do it, this thing (it was always something big or small) I had committed myself to without much allowance for redirection.  Except, I wasn’t really showing up and so I guess neither were students consistently.   It caused me anxiety and I felt the need to over prepare for class. Kind of like over packing? Do you know what I mean? Another thing I no longer do out of anxiety caused by not living in the present.  

 I suppose maybe it was all perfect though ya know, because everything is. I (we) are one with divine flow.  Personally, as a naturally gifted communicator (projector by human design) with a spark for teaching…or rather informing (did I mention I’m a projector), that as a collective we all experienced exactly what we came for in those classes at that time.  Everytime and in all time, in fact.  

Did I mention this post is about yoga and I struggle with focus, or rather I get lured in by my the flow of the femine energy? And it often keeps me from being consistent.  Fem energy is responsible for flow and masc energy is responsible for structure. I suppose I could attribute this aforementioned forcing of action when out alignment to embodying too much masculine energy for various reasons.  I have learned from so many and come home to so much in the 4 years since this (above pictured) beautiful studio experience. Some very simple.  All of them profound. 

Cutting to the present, I would say I certainly have come into my time to teach and frankly I believe a lot of the time I am just a vessel.  A conduit.  A delivery system to students.  Being led and guided. Literally, speaking new downloads and / or stored intuitive information into language in real time in the modality of yoga. Attribution of this, at least in big part, belongs to having also become a reiki master (the path of non judgement) in the last 4 years. 

I’ve now had the pleasurable experiences of very intuitively teaching a lot, locally in the year before corona.  And here it is almost a year later!   As always (hopefully), it’s right now and I show up all the time with much newness and remembrance and more unity of my soul and its natural state.  I’m settling back into the practice of teaching a practice.  And as Celin Dion says “It’s all coming back to me now.”   

So I and ebb and flow in my life and share that with others in some forms (yoga is one) and in the midst of an ongoing world revelation. I wouldn’t ask for a better role in this life.  Just a further reaching one.