Today I got my period at the gym.  As in, I thought it was over and it wasn’t.  I could have realized it because I felt like something might be off but who knows, discharge, pee (after all I was doing burpee-ing it up), maaaybe my period but surely not and anyway I was on a roll!  But noooo, that’s not how I realized my period was back. I realized my period was back because of the asshole behind me. I could see a reflection in the mirror of the immature jerk and his friend laughing…then stopping when I looked….then looking at each other… then laughing again! I started to feel insecure and then told myself I MUST be paranoid because men who must be at least 35, surely do not act like this in real life!  They SURELY have outgrown periods being funny and embarrassing and making fun of girls who get them i.e. ALL OF US! Soooo, I reluctantly turned around ,did a burpee with my arse pointed towards the mirror to see from their perspective and sure enough, there was the dreaded blood spot on my pants!! Maybe it was just a shadow though? So I discreetly (or not) turned on my phone camera and sheepishly pretended to be checking really closely, the timer I was using.  Didn’t work.  OK, so I’ll pack it up and go to the bathroom, leaving my workout paper behind on purpose, you know to prove I’m still a badass and not totally embarrassed and that HE should be ashamed NOT me! Yup, there it was, a  big ol familiar period spot on my light green pants.  UGH, at this point my workout is obviously over.  I didn’t change my shoes I just grabbed my bag. I was feeling a lil pissed and a lil annoyed and a lil embarrassed when I walked past this guy. I walked really closely, hoping to give him uncomfortable eye contact as I passed (to really show him).  I checked Sofia out of the daycare, and probably wearing my self consciousness that anyone else would see, even though I’m pretty sure it was only visible when I bent over.   So today, my friends, FEMINISM TOOK A HIT.  I didn’t say anything, I didn’t finish my workout, I just left, not feeling too great about myself and especially about him. BUT, if there is anything reiki and meditation has taught me, it’s that I can rethink the way a situation went down and allow my brain to re-fire and my cells to shift inspiring empowering feelings to replace shame, embarrassment, regret.  Sometimes it’s telling myself that I did the best I could and that’s enough.  After all, it’s everything I have to offer in any given moment.  Sometimes it’s laughing while I myself to and believe different scenarios. Which may look like walking up to the ignorant douche and throwing my leg up on a bench press table saying “what’s up bro” like guys do.  Ya know, letting my balls hang out, or at least the lasting impression of them snugged downin my tight ass gym shorts, but instead there it would be.  The month’s bloody fruits of my unfertilized vagina. HA!  Or maybe I had it looked like doing some super slow dead leg lifts or bent over rows right next him with more uncomfortable eye contact.  Blinding him, undoubtedly with disgust, at my red bulls-eye.  Or maybe it looks like bonding with his female workout partner over our periods and how we have all been embarrassed because of the ignorance (to give him the benefit of the doubt) of an ass like him at some point in our lives.  Or maybe it looks just like this, leaving embarrassed and pissed off and writing this blog to remind us all to not give a fuck if our period shows sometimes.  To tell the dude who laughs to fuck off and finish what we came to do! I mean just what would dudes do if their balls bled at the gym? Compare the amount, the color the, longevity to see who wins, who’s manlier? f  Wear white to show off the functionality of their reproductive organs, maybe piss their name in blood?  So thanks uneducated, ignorant man at the gym who had a good laugh today and inspired me to connect with other women. Thanks for allowing me to opportunity to find a way to correct a moment when I didn’t stand in the full power of my own integrity.  And you’re welcome…for the story I’d bet money you’ll be telling and still laughing at later.  Mothers, let’s educate our sons and teach them to respect the  sacred awesomeness of a woman’s body, her period, reproduction, and how to openly and authentically talk about it.  And yes, sometimes laugh WITH each other not AT.   (I’ll take Ollie’s putting my diva cup down his pants yesterday as a compliment).