Here’s what I know about body triggers, I feel them.  We all have them. The body keeps score. It knows what the mind doesn’t, cant, won’t.  They are the road map when we learn to interpret them. 

So we probably all have body triggers associated with anger, jealousy, frustration, anxiety, depression.  where do you FEEL anger etc in your body? Jaw, belly, chest? Do you sweat, cry, laugh nervously, etc? 

I have studied my own body triggers for a few years now.  Because when we can catch the reaction in the body, remember to breathe (i.e. get present), we may buy ourselves the beauty of RESPONDING rather than reacting.  Three seconds can change the entire trajectory of an interaction. 

And, after all these years of ebbs and flows of many various practices, my body has started releasing.  Releasing by way of silent sobs from my belly with no tears. Today it was a combination of silent belly sobs and laughter.  And slowly, I am able to shed tears. Of happiness and of pain. Releasing the body of its burden of remembering and storing…healing.  

Side Note: I rarely cry tears.  This sobbing of tearless release if purifying me to literal tears.  It’s so important to cry. As important as laughing! 

One of the many practices I’ve adopted is of the trust acronym,  BRAVING by Brene Brown.  

Since leaning into that practice two monumental things have happened.

One is that I realized I had no body trigger associated with trust.  I know the word and now even understand it thanks to her work, AND I don’t FEEL it. 

Which started to beg the question, what other triggers don’t I feel?   My body has been well taught to recognize adrenal dumps and cortisol, but what about the yummy feelings? Laughter, joy, PEACE, presence, discernment, trust, proud, gratitude, forgiveness, LOVE.  

Today, as I released, and purified, and lightened in my kitchen because of one very inconspicuous question by a friend (because in my opinion you don’t a warning about a body trigger…the trigger IS the “warning” or signal, and provocation can happen when we least expcet it)

 “What are you afraid of?”  I started to story in my mind.  One that said I was afraid of men, then I decided that was bullshit, just me continuing to play the victim as I had trained well in this lifetime of relationships of varying kind to do, and I didnt want it anymore.  Then within 3-5 seconds I saw that money fear! In this scenario, I fail, everything crashes around me, and I crumble and cry and I say to those that surround me, “I did the work, I did all the right things, I deserved not to fail.”  And they all feel sorry for me and agree AND I’m somehow a hero, a martyr maybe. And BOOM, there it was. The victim story again, slightly more disguised this time. I said, “NO, NOT THIS!” Not this universe, not anymore. As soon as I became aware of my repeating patterns due to having studied my body triggers and therefore raising awareness of the stories to follow and said no, instant release.  The body sobs, this time accompanied by wild laughter and real tears. RELEASE. Feeling all the body deep down in my guts.  

10 minutes later I have someone tell me they wish they could work from home and my response was ‘’’mmmm, so thankful I created such a reality.”  And in an instant, I didn’t make a joke about it or take it back or have stories, I FELT PROUD…of myself!! And in those moments, I realized I had not previously had a trigger for “proud”…not of self.  Anything close to it was always accompanied by underlying fear that it still wasn’t enough, that I still wasn’t enough or that it was good, but there is more to do. But not this moment. My personal study of body triggers had allowed me to feel a new one! It felt tingly all over and instantly lighter and I allowed myself to linger for a while.  

My entire practice and that which I teach now is about positive body triggers.  We know a lot of languages like peace, joy, non judgement, content. But, how do those feel in the body!! This is where they are real, not the mind.  The mind is often full of shit. And bless it, always trying to sort and understand and organize and follow ingrained patterns of thinking that have served in the past and/ or that we just got stuck in.  But the BODY, the body, KNOWS this language as it directly connects to Divine Conscious.  

So this is your invitation to wild curiosity and self exploration.  To ask yourself, what’s the difference between what you know and what you feel? What DO you feel?  And can you learn to hone in on body triggers for that which are closer to your connection with the Divine?  They protect us, they interpret for us. And what are they showing us? Asking us to see, to understand, to release, to receive?   

Body triggers of all sorts are beneficial, not just the “good” ones. Culturally, we are pretty well conditioned to be very in touch with body triggers of a yang / dark nature. There is no good and bad in this, it’s all very necessary.  AND can we retrain to tune back in with the yin / light body triggers? Can we FEEL our thoughts, and language, and get really great at discerning what our body wants to tell us. TO COME HOME. To EMBODY all that which we so deserve? 

Breathing in, I’m aware that I’m breathing in.  Breathing out, I’m aware that I’m breathing out.  

This, the breath, the bridge of the mind body connection as taught by Thitch Natch Hahn. The cliff from which we jump into body triggers exploration with radical self love and self forgiveness. 

Where will deep presence with self take you? 


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